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Assigning unique wallpapers to individual displays / monitors in Windows 10

How to assign unique wallpapers to individual displays in Windows 10Ever wanted to have a different background / wallpaper set for individual monitors or displays in Windows 10?

I for instance, have a custom background image on my desktop reminding me of daily tasks. I don’t necessarily want this background on auxiliary monitors or displays (particularly when I’m casting my screen to large screen displays or projectors in meetings or other settings with an audience, so I use the following process to assign a unique background / wallpaper to each display.

Step 1: Open Display personalization settings

The Easiest way to launch Display personalization settings is, On your desktop: right click and choose Personalize

assigning unique wallpapers to individual displays STEP 1

Step 2 Choose Monitor

Right-Click on specified background image and choose desired monitor

It’s that easy!

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