Update your outdated phone system, add a Unified Communication Platform to your Managed IT Service Plan. 

What would you say if we told you that your phone system could text your customers, track your calls, send your voicemail to email, allow you to travel throughout the country while being only a 3 digit extension away from your colleagues? What if you could receive and send business text messages, initiate and participate in video conferencing, work from home with your office desk phone, an app on your smartphone, or just your laptop and a microphone? And then we told you that this can be done with a single piece of software while saving you up to 80% on your current office phone bills?

A unified communications platform brings all of these communication tools together under one umbrella and we are partnered with the best of those in the industry: 3CX.

If a fully integrated system is not something you’re interested in, we also provide solutions from Microsoft through our Microsoft Partner program and Office 365. While we resell licenses for these tools, we also stand behind them and support them. Looking for support with Teams or Skype? Integration with hosted or on premises Exchange systems? Have questions about licensing? Have general questions about VoIP telephone? Our team of qualified technicians is here waiting for your call!

Tools and services such as Zoom or Go To Meeting are also great ways to stay in touch and remote conference with colleague’s. Do you have a gym or fitness class and want to offer interactive sessions with your students? Are you looking to host a virtual meetup? These tools can be a great start to facilitate that. If you’ve got questions on the application installation or something is not working correctly from your remote office we’ll be able to get you set up and back on your feet quickly.

Unified Communications is much more than a digital equivalent of a phone system. It combines all the aspects of that, with so much more. What are you waiting for lets get started today!

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