Managed IT Services for professionals. Keep your data secure by having our IT team on your side.

We understand now more than ever, how important it is for professionals to have a healthy IT management plan in place. Having our Managed IT Services in place allows professionals to focus on providing quality service to their clients. We have assisted many local professionals with their Software, Hardware and Phone Systems. 

We are a local home-grown business and when you call us, you get us. 

Our 3CX VoIP multi-line phone system is cloud based with features such as call cues, and call routing at a fraction of the cost of a regular phone line. 3CX has amazing capabilities including split calls, and voice mail to email functions. This is extremely helpful technology especially if you have a multi-physician clinic. We offer ERP Software, POS Software, Bundled IT Packages as well as supply hardware, security and protection. We are also a Intuit, Microsoft, and Google Partner for the accountant in your clinic, offering full Helpdesk IT Support. We have worked with many other software such as Sage, Freshbooks, Great Plains, AIMS and more!

IT services for professionals cover a broad spectrum of offerings designed to support their unique needs and enhance productivity. Here are some key IT services tailored for professionals:

Hardware and Software Procurement: Assistance with selecting and purchasing the right hardware (computers, laptops, tablets, peripherals) and software (productivity suites, specialized tools, industry-specific software) tailored to the professionals requirements.

Networking and Connectivity Solutions: Setting up secure and reliable networking solutions, including wired and wireless networks, VPNs, and remote access tools, to ensure seamless connectivity and collaboration, especially for remote or distributed teams.

Cybersecurity Solutions: Implementing robust cybersecurity measures such as firewalls, antivirus software, encryption, multi-factor authentication, and regular security assessments to protect sensitive data and prevent unauthorized access or data breaches.

Cloud Services: Leveraging cloud-based services for data storage, backup, and collaboration, allowing professionals to access their files and applications from anywhere with an internet connection while ensuring data security and scalability.

Data Backup and Recovery: Setting up automated backup solutions to regularly back up critical data and implementing disaster recovery plans to minimize downtime and data loss in the event of hardware failure, natural disasters, or cyberattacks.

Email and Communication Services: Configuring and managing professional email accounts, VoIP systems, video conferencing tools, and collaboration platforms to facilitate effective communication and collaboration among team members, clients, and partners.

Remote IT Support: Providing remote technical support services to address IT issues, troubleshoot software or hardware problems, and assist with software installation, updates, and configuration, ensuring minimal disruption to the professional’s workflow.

Training and Education: Offering training programs and resources to help professionals enhance their IT skills and proficiency with relevant tools and technologies, empowering them to leverage IT effectively to achieve their goals.

Customized IT Solutions: Tailoring IT solutions and services to meet the specific requirements and preferences of individual professionals or their respective industries, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and user experience.

By availing themselves of these IT services, professionals can focus on their core activities and responsibilities while enjoying enhanced efficiency, security, and flexibility in their work processes.

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