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Cutting seconds from common tasks during your workday can lead to many minutes gained on a daily basis and even hours of productivity gained on an annual basis... one solution: internet & Window shortcuts!

Here is a quick list of keyboard Windows shortcuts to save you time.

Blog: handy Internet Browser and computer keyboard shortcuts

Let’s start with the internet and Windows shortcuts!

·         Re-open Closed Tab: Sometimes while using the internet, the tab you are working in gets closed accidentally. You can bring back the closed tab by using the Ctrl+Shift+T and go back to where you left off..

·         Close Current Window or Program: When you want to close an open window or program you can do so by using Alt+F4

·         Close Single Tab: While using your internet browser, if you want to close the current tab, you can use Ctrl+W

·         Open CMD Directly: If you want to use CMD (Command prompt) directly on your PC you can type ‘cmd’ in the File Explorer address bar and the CMD will open directly.

·         Task Manager: To launch the task manager directly you can use Ctrl+Shift+Esc which will open the task manager.

·         Switch Windows: While working you might need to jump from one window to another window. You can use Alt+Tab to navigate through the window and stay where you want to work.

·         Use Your Own Hot Key: Sometimes you want to set your own hotkey to launch your favorite If you want you can set short cut key easily, just right click on the program you want to set hotkey and navigate to ‘shortcut’ then click on shortcut key now type your hotkey for example 1. To use this hotkey you need to press Ctrl+Alt+your hotkey then click on apply and ok. Now you can use your short key.

·         Minimize All Windows:  Working on your PC with multiple windows are open and want to minimize them all of a sudden? You can use windows key+D to minimize all windows all at once. Repeat the process to maximise them.

·         Cut, Copy & Paste: Want to quickly cut, copy or paste specific elements in documents and webpages? To copy, press Ctrl+C. To cut, press Ctrl+X. To paste press Ctrl+V

·         Undo & Redo: Need to undo something you just did or edited? Use Ctrl+Z. To Redo, press Ctrl+Y

·         Jump to Address Bar: Sometimes you want to jump to the address bar of the browser directly. You can use Alt+D and Ctrl+L also F6 to do so.

·         Switch between the Tabs: If you want to navigate from one tab to another using a keyboard shortcut key you can use Ctrl+Tab and move forward from one tab to another. Similarly, if you want to navigate from one tab to another backward you can use Ctrl+Shift+Tab.

·         Open New Tab: While browsing the internet you need to open a new tab very often and doing it by using a mouse can be irritating so here you can use Ctrl+T 

·         Open New Window: Need to open a whole new window? press Ctrl+N.

·         Open Private Window: You can use Ctrl+Shift+T to open a new private window.

·         Increase & Decrease the Text Size: While browsing the internet, and you need to increase & decrease the text size in the browser. You can zoom in or out by pressing Ctrl+ or + and Ctrl+ or-, and Ctrl+0 will reset the text size in the current window.

·         Refresh the Current Page: While browsing the internet, and you want to refresh the current page to see changes and to re-load the page completely. You can use Ctrl+R and F5 button to refresh the current page.

·         Bookmark current webpage: To bookmark the current viewed webpage, press Ctrl+D

·         To Show & Hide the Bookmark Bar: Looking for your bookmarked websites? To show and hide the bookmark bar you can use Ctrl+Shif+B


These are just a small number of internet and Windows shortcuts and tricks available to Windows computer users. Be sure to share these web and Windows shortcuts with your friends and contacts.

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