Find IT Solutions for your business with our Essential IT Service Package.

Are you looking for the support of IT experts to help you manage your technology needs? This would include servers, network, computers, wireless, cloud, Internet services and software licenses. Look no further than the Essential IT Service package from Generation Technology Solutions.

The Essential IT Service package contains many services absolutely essential for a basic level of security and operational stability of a small business network. The Essential IT Service package is suited for small and medium organizations that have an on site support team but need to ensure that the regular maintenance items are taken care of.  This package that combines monitoring, patching, and anti virus in one simple, monthly fee.  Remote help desk and on site services are also available.

Services included in this package:

  • Anti virus software licensing and monitoring
  • Remote desktop tools
  • Daily proactive system health monitoring
  • IT system software and hardware inventory reporting
  • Internet service monitoring
  • Managed Backups and Cloud backup services to our Canadian Data Center facility
  • System Patches and Firmware updates
  • Managed Firewalls

Even the smallest of organizations require the 4 key pillars of managed services:

  1. Data Security / Regulatory compliance
  2. Backup (Business Continuity Planning)
  3. Site Reliability Engineering (Usable, Accessible, Resilient)
  4. Day to day Help desk and Maintenance

Our technical team will work with you and proactively address day to day end user challenges.  They will also reach out to you and identify concerns and challenges that need addressing.  They’ll work with you to develop a plan, and a budget to close gaps in security, equipment age, software licensing and technology obsolescence.  The Essential IT Service package is ideal for those clients that are budget conscious or have team members on staff that need a little extra help.  In addition you’ll be provided with a service level agreement which is your guarantee that you’ll get the best possible service when you need it.

Essential IT Service Package and Onsite IT Support

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