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Hello and welcome to this installment of our newsletter! Growing Your Business

This edition is all about making technology and the money you spend work for you.

Here’s the question:

How could solid IT help you in growing your business?

Would you like to be able to use your computers, network, and mobile devices without worrying about security or dealing with IT issues that keep popping up like a game of "Whack a Mole", causing you productivity, money, security and staffing issues?

Then Managed IT Services is a possible solution for your business.

Keep reading to learn:

• How to ensure that your IT doesn’t hold you back in your scaling efforts.

• When to get proactive with your IT management, maintenance, and security.

• What’s new at Generation Technology Solutions?

Let’s get started.

Managed IT Services Can Help in Growing Your Business

Growing your business requires a proactive strategic approach. But you already know that. You work every day to implement high-level tactics to improve your chances of moving past the competition and grabbing more market share.

You may not know that Managed IT Services helps you grow your business by giving you an optimized IT environment that is secure, efficient, and scalable.

Want to know more about how Managed IT Services helps you grow more predictably?

Download our Fully Managed Flowchart PDF.

The Top Reasons Forward-Thinking Business Leaders Choose Managed IT Services

There are plenty of scenarios that your team must react to during the course of their day. Customer demands and queries, market fluctuations, and challenges from competitors are just the beginning of that list.

Technology, however, should not be on the “reactive” list.

You may be losing money due to downtime and lost productivity if you’re constantly reacting to IT problems.

Proactive IT support is the key to making your IT-related processes secure and efficient.

Our clients choose Managed IT Services because this service gives them predictability for their IT support expenses and a way to mitigate the risk of IT downtime.

Want to know more about our Managed IT Services?

Download our Fully Managed Sell Sheet PDF.

What’s new

Cyber Security Suite Launched!

We recently launched our exciting new Cyber Security Suite, when coupled with our Managed IT Services, takes your data and network security to new heights and includes: - Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) - Email Filtering - Multi-Factor Authentication - Password Manager - Vulnerability Testing Contact us today for more information!

...Providing easy to understand, responsive IT Support and Security to small & medium sized businesses throughout Alberta; all within an affordable and predictable budget.

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