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Let Generation Technology Solutions look after your Email accounts and mail filtering

We have many organizations that rely on email accounts that are managed by our IT department. Generation Technology Solutions is responsible for setting up email accounts, configuring email servers, and ensuring that email services are available and secure. This can include tasks such as:

  1. Creating Email Accounts for new employees and deleting accounts for departing employees.
  2. Configuring email software, such as Microsoft Outlook to work with the organization’s email server.
  3. Managing Email server settings, such as storage quotas and message size limits.
  4. Monitoring Email traffic for potential security threats, such as phishing attacks or malware.
  5. Maintaining backups of Email data to ensure that important messages are not lost.
  6. Generation Technology Solutions enforces Email policies, such as requiring strong passwords, restricting access to certain Email features, or blocking certain types of Email messages. These policies can help ensure the security and reliability of Email services for the organization.

We also use a variety of techniques for email filtering, including content analysis, sender reputation analysis, blacklisting, whitelisting, collateral damage, and machine learning. These techniques are designed to reduce the amount of spam that enters an organization’s Email system, which can improve security, reduce the risk of data breaches, and increase productivity by preventing employees from having to sort through a large volume of spam Emails.

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