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E-Cards : Knowing the Risks

E-Cards - The holidays are among us once again!
The holidays bring messages of joy, peace, and appreciation.
Having become as digital as we have, these messages are shared much less through snail mail and more through electronic means such as email greeting cards, also known as E-Cards, and with this brings substantial risks unfortunately.

It isn’t just Santa returning letters electronically, The Grinch is online as well… and unfortunately in this case, his heart is still a few sizes too small!

Here are a few ways to protect yourself and your contacts when sending and receiving E-Cards or electronic greeting cards:

Use Legitimate Providers

Websites like Blue Mountain, Greeting Card Universe and American Greetings have been providing electronic greeting cards for decades and can be trusted sources of safe E-Cards.
There are many other legitimate e-card sites, but also many information harvesting and cyber security land mines cloaked as ’e-card’ sites.
Please do check online reviews before you use an e-card service so you don’t endanger the online safety and identity of those that you are trying to share good tidings with.

Know the Sender

Don’t click on anything in any email that you don’t recognize the sender, especially in e-cards.

Double Check Particulars

Was the card sent to you specifically or addressed generically (friend, colleague)? Typically if your friends, family and colleagues are taking the time to legitimately send you an electronic greeting card, they typically address you by your name. If the card is sent generically, it’s best to flag it as spam (if you have an email filtering system in place like in our Cyber Security Suite) and delete it.

Don’t download any files

Legitimate E-Cards won’t ask to download .ZIP or EXE files onto your computer, and any E-Card that contains such a thing, should be flagged and deleted immediately.
If you need to send files to your colleagues, and want to send them e-cards… Complete those tasks separately!

Generation Technology Solutions wishes you and your family the merriest Christmas and the happiest, most successful new year and is here to help keep your company IT supported and secured. Contact us today to start the conversation about how our team of IT Support and Security professionals can become part of your business’ success.

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