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Backup for Microsoft365

Protect Your Data—Protect Your Business

Backup for Microsoft 365 and why you need it

Microsoft365: Your business constantly creates data that fuels your operations and growth.
So, who is responsible for protecting and 
backing it up?

You may believe that Microsoft maintains all your Microsoft365™ data. However, the reality is the burden can fall on you—
unless you elect to add Backup for Microsoft365.
Adding this vital online backup service can help protect you from security incidents such as ransomware and business email compromise (BEC), as well as file and account deletions that exceed the default Microsoft retention policies. With Backup for Microsoft365, we can help you recover files and accounts at any time, even if they are accidentally or maliciously deleted by an insider or external cybercriminal.


We will manage your Backup for Microsoft365 to:

  • Back up Microsoft365 Exchange™ up to six times a day
  • Back up Microsoft365 OneDrive® up to four times a day
  • Back up Microsoft365 SharePoint® (including Microsoft Teams® files and data that are stored in SharePoint) daily.

Custom- and sub-libraries are backed up and can be recovered individually as needed


We will use the solution to help ensure you can:

  • Recover the data you want swiftly and easily
  • Meet retention requirements for data storage
  • Retain and recover Microsoft365 Exchange, OneDrive and SharePoint data for seven years.


You can:
Keep your data in region with our local, secure Tier 3 data center helping meet your business and retention requirements


We can help you:

  • Keep your data protection services up-to-date as your new business units or employees adopt Microsoft365
  • Avoid lost time, reduced productivity, and frustration while trying to recover irrecoverable data, such as expired or
    permanently deleted files and sites

Maintain effective business continuity by recovering files, ranging from individual requests to complete employee or
business reinstalls


Using Backup for Microsoft 365 can help protect your business and data against accidental and malicious acts of file and
data deletion. If this online backup service helps you restore your business after a security incident such as ransomware or
BEC, the ROI on your investment will be exponential.

Protect your business and productivity. Get peace of mind knowing you can recover your Microsoft 365 data for any reason, at any time. Start today.

Need more information?

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