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Generation Technology Solutions Records a New Review on Clutch

Managed IT services are a big part of businesses, especially those that are involved in online transactions. These services make business processes and functions more efficient. A managed service provider enables a company to focus on its main operations, increasing its efficiency and productivity. It is important that you partner with the right provider to render these services. 

Here are some pointers to keep in mind to take full advantage of managed IT services: 

  • Set your expectations — be upfront and be clear about what the managed collaboration entails
  • Be transparent — the provider needs to have a full understanding of your current IT environment and an understanding of how your business functions
  • Let the system do the work — in an event of a major issue such as power outages or cyber attack, just relax and know that the team is doing their best to fix the issue as quickly as possible

For the past 21 years, Generation Technology Solutions’ primary objective has been supporting our client’s businesses from basic computer repairs to more complex IT needs such as remote management, data center capacity management, and cybersecurity. We always provide our services with the utmost integrity, honesty, and professionalism. 

We recently received a review  on Clutch, a B2B ratings and reviews platform, from one of our clients, a health product retailer. We handle all aspects of the company’s IT infrastructure including cloud migration, day-to-day maintenance, and we coordinated with their software provider. It is common in our client’s industry to have long delays due to billing and product supply. We have drastically reduced those delays with the services that we provide.

“Their communication, response time, and customer service are all great. We trust them and their expert knowledge of the IT space. Their speed and personability stand out.”Owner, Congdon’s Aids to Daily Living, Ltd.

You can find the full version of the review on our Clutch profile

At Generation Technology Solutions, we appreciate everyone who entrusted us with their business and having faith in our capabilities of successfully completing their projects. They motivate us constantly to push ourselves to provide exceptional service and we’re only satisfied if our clients are. 

Aside from this wonderful review, Generation Technology Solutions is also featured on Clutch’s sister company, The Manifest. They are a company listing website with a list of top companies in different fields that buyers can browse to help them decide on choosing the right vendor to partner with. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re looking to collaborate with Generation Technology Solutions on a project today.

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