Bridges Catering

At Bridges Catering fresh is always on the menu.  We work with our suppliers to source local products and seasonal ingredients.  Our bread comes in fresh from a neighboring bakery, we place orders weekly with a local butcher, and we support various Edmonton based businesses when shopping for a variety of goods.  We review our recipes and update our menus regularly to keep pace with current trends and the growing demand for healthy ingredients. We have engineered our kitchen and developed our culinary team so that we may produce quality products fresh daily. 

We care deeply about our craft.  We have built our business on our word, and we honour our commitments.  We exceed the expectations of our customers and provide the highest standard of client care.  We have developed our menu based on quality, consistency and value. We are passionate about food and inspired daily to create new and amazing products to bring food into the spotlight at each event.  We take time to reflect on each new step, and think critically about how we can achieve more.  We are grateful for each of our clients that challenge us to grow our business, evolve our products and strive for excellence daily.  We are proud to be a family owned and operated business celebrating our twenty fourth year located in the heart and on the tables of this fine city.

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