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Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

What it is and why you need it?

what is Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)?

Let’s get started:

In recent years we have seen the rise and sophistication in bad actors exploiting single factor authentication systems and the cyber security industry has made some impressive advancements. One advancement in particular is Multi-factor Authentication or MFA for short. (MFA is often also referred to as 2FA).

MFA is based on three different forms of information:

What you know (knowledge), such as a passcode / password
What you have (possession), such as a fob or smartphone
Who you are (inherence), such as a biometrics like fingerprints, retina scan or voice recognition

Why is Multi-factor Authentication Important?

The main benefit of MFA is it will greatly improve your organization’s security by requiring users to identify themselves by more than a simple username and password.
Usernames and passwords are still important but are vulnerable to various attacks (such as Brute Force) and can be stolen by third parties.

Enforcing the use of an MFA factor like a thumbprint or physical hardware key means increased confidence that your organization will stay safe from cyber criminals.

How Does Multi-factor Authentication work and why do you need it?
MFA works by requiring additional verification information (factors).
One of the most common MFA factors that users encounter are one-time passwords (OTP).
OTPs are those 4-8 digit codes that you often receive via email, SMS or some sort of mobile app. With OTPs a new code is generated periodically or each time an authentication request is submitted.
The code is generated based upon a seed value that is assigned to the user when they first register and some other factor which could simply be a counter that is incremented or a time value.

Generation Technology Solutions’ approach to Multi-factor Authentication for our valued Managed Services Clients:

As in most aspects of Information Technology and Cyber security, there are many MFA solutions, and as stated above, different ways of transmitting OTP’s being: email, SMS and the most secure being push notifications (proprietary App or device)

Our team has carefully evaluated various methods, products and services and as a result offers what we believe to be of the highest value, while coming at a great price. The MFA solution we are proud to offer our valued clients provides:

  • Advanced Risk-Based Authentication:
    Dynamic policies to leverage security when needed
  • User-Friendly Mobile App:
    Easy authentication method that allows you to also protect personal accounts
  • Multiple Authentication Factors:
    Push authentication, time-based OTP, hardware token OTP, QR code OTP
  • 100+ Third-Party Integrations:
    Salesforce, Office 365, Zoom, GoToMeeting, Tableau, Google G Suite
  • Remote Access and VPN:
    Protect remote users using RADIUS protocols
  • Customer Support:
    24/7 support and response time between 1-4 hours
  • Web Single Sign-On:
    Log in to all your business Cloud applications with only one password
  • Logon Protection:
    Windows, macOS, Linux, AND offline mode available using time-based or QR code OTP
  • Cloud Management:
    Multi-tier, multi-tenant on a public Cloud infrastructure

Looking to increase the security of your business? Want more information about our industry-leading Multi-factor Authentication solution?
Generation Technology Solutions is here to answer your questions and move the operations and security of your business into the future! Connect with us today!

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