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The Benefits of Using a Managed Service Provider

One thing is clear: Your business depends on the technology it uses!

What is not always clear is how to best manage your business’ technology.

A growing number of businesses of varying sizes are growing frustrated with the cost and challenges around hiring in-house IT staff and are switching to a Managed Services Provider (MSP). 

Outsourcing your IT to a Managed Services Provider has several operational advantages and brings cost benefits, such as:

  • Clearly defines the work of IT support in a formal written agreement.
  • Clearly defines the monthly cost of supporting and maintaining your current IT infrastructure and what rate adding additional infrastructure/equipment will be at.
  • Fills in for any in-house staff shortages.
  • Can help insulate you from on-premises disasters.
  • Includes data backup management to avert data loss.
  • IT becomes scalable, with the ability to add on extra resources incrementally or temporarily.
  • Reduces the problem of companies competing for scarcely qualified IT experts, driving up wages.
  • Service levels and costs are not impacted by national holidays, sick days, Lost Time incidents, or vacations.
  • Makes a team of highly qualified staff with unique skill sets and expertise available regardless of your physical location (great for remote work and working while traveling) 

An MSP can replace a company’s IT department entirely or provide specific niche services. Moving to a Managed Services model makes cutting-edge technology and expertise available at a low, consistent monthly price.

Generation Technology Solutions was established in Edmonton, Alberta in 1999, and is a modern Managed Services Provider (MSP), providing cutting-edge solutions with old-fashioned service in IT support, business computer hardware, software, VoIP telephones, and data security.

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