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ISP MONITORING OR (Internet Service Provider Monitoring)

ISP MONITORING (Internet Service Provider)  involves tracking the network traffic of users who are accessing the Internet through an ISP’s network. ISPs may monitor traffic for a variety of reasons, such as to ensure compliance with their terms of service, to troubleshoot network issues, or to detect and prevent illegal activities such as Internet piracy or cyber attacks.

ISP MONITORING typically uses a range of tools and technologies to track network traffic, including deep packet inspection (DPI), network flow analysis, and content filtering. These tools allow ISP MONITORING to inspect the contents of data packets as they travel across their network, identify the types of traffic, and track the source and destination of the traffic.

Internet Service Providers such as  Shaw, TELUS, and Starlink to name a few may also collect and store various types of user data, such as IP addresses, website visit logs, and device information. This data can be used for various purposes, such as to analyze network traffic patterns, detect and prevent cyber threats, or comply with legal requirements such as data retention laws.

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