Service Package Overview

Are you looking for the support of IT experts to help you manage your technology needs including servers, network, computers, wireless, cloud, internet services and software licenses? Look no further than the Essentials services package from Generation Technology Solutions.

This package contains many services absolutely essential for a basic level of security and operational stability of a small business network. This package is suited for small and medium organizations that have an onsite support team but need to ensure that the regular maintenance items are taken care of.  This package that combines monitoring, patching, and antivirus in one simple, monthly fee. Helpdesk and onsite service will be available, but are not included in the monthly fees.

Services included:

  • Antivirus
  • Daily proactive monitoring
  • Managed Backups
  • Patches and updates
  • Managed Firewalls

Even the smallest of organizations require the 4 key pillars of managed services:

  1. Data Security / Regulatory compliance
  2. Backup (Business Continuity Planning)
  3. Site Reliability Engineering (Usable, Accessible, Resilient)
  4. Day to day Helpdesk and Maintenance

Generation Technology Solutions will work with you and proactively address day to day end user challenges and will reach out when we identify concerns and challenges that need addressing.  This package is ideal for those clients that are budget conscious or have team members that can manage end user helpdesk asks.  In addition you’ll be provided with a service level agreement which allows you to hold us accountable for the response times that you can expect for issues that arise.  In addition you’ll also get the benefit of preferred parts and software pricing.

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