Generation Technology Solutions Cyber Security Suite offers next level security protection.

The good news is our Cyber Security Suite can help! It has never been more important to protect your organization’s sensitive data. With threats arriving in email, social media, websites, network hacking and everywhere else you turn, it is crucial that you ensure that you are taking all available measures to protect your organization’s sensitive data. Your clients, employees and most of all your reputation are counting on you to ensure that your network and data are kept secure. 

Generation Technology Solutions has always ensured that our Managed Services clients utilize industry standard security protocols such as enterprise level, managed firewalls, VPN’s amongst others. Generation Technology Solutions now offers our Essential Package and Professional Package Managed Services clients our Cyber Security Suite. Our Cyber Security Suite was designed to provide next level protection for your network, workstations, server, email and passwords!

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Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

Essentially, EDR is an integrated, artificial intelligence (AI) endpoint security solution that continuously monitors workstations and servers in real-time as well as collects and analyzes endpoint data. EDR software detects security breaches and initiates a quick response to potential or visible threats and has the ability to air-gap the affected machine as to prevent the threat to spread over the network or internet.

You can learn more about how EDR differs from traditional anti-virus by reading our blog post explaining EDR

Vulnerability Testing and Remediation

When it comes to your organization’s network, servers and workstations, vulnerabilities are ever changing and sometimes in the users’ control and others not. Our Vulnerability Testing software locates and isolates vulnerabilities of varying urgency, allowing our skilled technicians to make timely and crucial updates, changes and improvements; eliminating various vulnerabilities to user interference and outside access.

Cloud Backup

Email Filtering

The Email Filtering included with our Cyber Security Suite takes spam control to a whole new level.
Not only does our Email Filtering use machine learning and collective threat intelligence to recognize and prevent spam, but to also prevent malware, phishing and other threats from infiltrating your workstations and network.

Our Email Filtering platform has a user-friendly dashboard that allows users to choose whether quarantined emails should be allowed or permanently disallowed.

Email Filtering

Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA or 2FA)

Hackers and other bad actors are getting increasingly resourceful, and know that the weakest link in many company’s cyber security is user passwords!
One of the tactics that we employ as part of our Cyber Security Suite, is MFA/2FA. This requires the user to not only enter thier password to login to each respective app or site, but it sends a push notification request to the user’s smartphone to allow the requested login.
(We also have hardware token options for those users not wanting to use their personal smartphone)

Multi-Factor Authentication

Password Manager

As mentioned above, hackers and other bad actors are getting increasingly resourceful, and know that the weakest link in many company’s cyber security is user passwords!
Another one of the tactics that we employ as part of our Cyber Security Suite, is our easy to use, yet powerful Password Manager.

Not only will our Password Manager allow you to randomly generate secure passwords (consisting of uppercase, lower case letters, numerals and symbols in at least 12 characters in length) , but can save the securely password for you in it’s password vault that requires users to login daily; allowing you to have secure and unique passwords for each site that you access, yet only having to remember a single password!

Remote Workforce

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