You are in charge of the services you need. Unlike other technology firms, we offer various options to pick and choose from to meet your needs and your budget.

We don’t force a package with options that don’t make sense for you. We work with you to find a solution that falls in line with your goals and budget, and can adjust your package as you grow. Your success is our success!

Data Backup & Disaster Recovery

While this can be as scary as it sounds when the word ‘disaster’ is involved, Generation Technology Solutions has a plan for when things go sideways. Offsite data backup is key to keeping your company information safe and at your fingertips when life decides to throw a curve ball.

Natural disasters happen such as flooding, fires, tornadoes, earthquakes, theft, or even vandalism. Equipment can become damaged and unrepairable, and results in loosing valuable information you need for your day to day operations. We have learned a lot from situations like the 1987 Tornado that blasted through Edmonton, or the world wide pandemic Covid-19 that came with tough decisions on how to continue to thrive. It is necessary to prepare for the unexpected, even a water break or sprinkler malfunction can cost a lot of lost time and lost data.

Data Backup is important because accidents happen, human error may just be the top reason information is deleted or moved, and it happens to even the most seasoned computer savvy person.  Generation Technology Solutions completely understands this as we are no exception and have a vast understanding of the importance to backup your data.

Hardware doesn’t last forever, we know this better than anyone and something decides to quit before it’s time to punch out for the day and usually at the worst moments, Generation Technology Solution is a phone call away for help!

IT Services

We love to see your business grow, and adding staff to the flow of your operations is a big job. Generation Technology Solutions is here to help. We are happy to set up a new work station for your new employee(s) and celebrate with you all of your success.

We also offer:

  • Network Audits to establish your technology needs as you grow. What you needed 2 years ago may be different today.
  • Network Infrastructure Design, we can assist in the set up of a new branch office, or simply add a new VOIP (Voice over IP) to your current location. We can help assess your bandwidth consumption and design a solution that fits your vision and budget for your business.
  • Product Procurement should you require hardware or software. We also handle any returns and if necessary, we can manage warranty issues on your behalf. We support local businesses as often as possible, purchasing parts thru local businesses as often as we can. We believe in building our community and strengthening our economy.
  • Wireless Network Design, we can do a wireless site survey and come up with a solution to ensure you have safe and consistent access to your company’s WIFI Network.
  • VoIP and Business Telephone Systems, we can offer your business a fully customized and managed system based on your current and projected future needs.

Generation Technology Solutions has helped many Canadian businesses just like yours, manage their IT Services. From hardware solutions to managing your licensed software, we’d rather you focus on your day to day operations than worry about the ‘what if’s’. We are your offsite IT department, but can be there on a whim if needed. We specialize in managed IT services.


You hear the term “It’s on the cloud” often, and some still scratch their heads and look to the sky for files to rain down. Cloud storage is the way of life much like digital communication.

Cloud computing is effective at:

  • Reducing costs
  • Increase availability and sharing
  • Increasing resiliency
  • Save on hardware you may have purchased to store this data, that would be at risk of theft, damage or vandalism.

Some areas where cloud computing may make sense for your business is data backup storage, hosted PBX (VOIP), hosted application servers and more!


Generation Technology Solutions understands this market can be both confusing and competitive. We have spent years learning about the ins and outs of how you can protect your data as we protect our own.  With the ever-changing world, digital communication is our vehicle to reach others in a snap. It is important that you are as vigilant to keep your data safe, as hackers are vigilant at breaking in and stealing data, sending viruses, malware, and ransomware.

On-site Service

We love any reason to visit our clients. We offer on-site computer support for small to medium sized businesses in the Edmonton and surrounding areas. Whether it is a server, workstation on the fritz, or network device, we are there in a jiffy!

Remote Workforce

Let us assist your move from the office to another location. With companies putting their employee’s safety first with Covid-19, we can assist in setting up remote locations for your team until you are ready to return to the office. Going on vacation? We can ensure you don’t miss out on important day to day operations even if your on the golf course in the Bahamas. Contact us today for a free assessment.

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