System Monitoring


Keeping You Up & Running with Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring

We take a completely different approach than other support companies in this city. Rather than waiting for you to discover problems and call us, we’re proactive and find small problems before they become bigger issues – saving you hours of downtime and frustration.

We have a low-cost ‘Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring’ service we already provide to many similar sized companies locally. By using this service, other local companies are certain that their crucial business systems’ are operating as they should.

Sample Daily Monitoring Report

Real-Time Server & Network Monitoring watches over critical parts of the system around the clock:

• Server health and performance

• Disk space availability / consumption

• Vital Windows services are running

• Rports on critical events in your event logs

• File & folder sizes are within expectations

• Network connectivity

• Check for software updates

• Checks Antivirus status (must be on approved list)

And to keep you informed, our system will send you a short note every morning to confirm the checks we’ve done and the results. You’ll see clear evidence of the value we deliver each and every day.