Why does a business need Managed IT Services?

All too often people react to situations that happen in their lives that prompt them to take preventative measures so that situation doesn’t happen again. For example, someone gets sick and the medication is expensive so they purchase health insurance to prevent financial struggles trying to get healthy and ensure they have coverage for any future health surprises because now they understand being in a position of potential loss. 

Running your business is not much different than that. Some businesses wait for an unexpected traumatic event and react by putting the steps in to prevent it from happening again. It winds up costing them in some way or another. For example, a business backs up their data on an external hard drive and leaves the hard drive in their office desk. The office catches fire and that external hard drive is now ashes along with all of your company data.  

As an IT company, we come in to set up preventative measures to ensure your data is not only backed up and can be recovered within seconds in the event of an unforeseen event, but we also monitor and secure your network to ensure no Cyber bullies hack your company data. In essence, we are your armored guards at the gate monitoring your digital traffic flowing in and out of your business. We are your handyman when a piece of office equipment breaks. We are your phone call when you need to fix your log in credentials or set up a new workstation for a new employee you have hired. Much like Health Insurance, we are your insurance that your technology is optimal, secure, and all preventative measures are in place. By doing those things, it saves you time, potential lost revenue, and helps run your business efficiently.

Have you checked the pulse on your technology health lately?

Are you happy with the measures in place right now and are confident your business can withstand an unforeseen event?

Do you feel heard and understood by your current IT Partner?

If not, maybe it’s time you get a second opinion and contact us today!

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