Managed Backup

Protecting Your Critical Data

So you have lost that Business Proposal you have been working on for the last two weeks! OMG! Oh, wait, we have that backed up to the USB drive don’t we? Oh, you mean the one that broke 3 weeks ago? Yeah, that one…

Been there, done that!

This story happens more often than not or worse, the hard drive in the computer you were using dies and you were not saving the files to the server. This story does not have to end this way…

The Solution

Our Managed Backup solution is designed to protect you in event of data loss. We use an off site solution with military grade end to end encryption, so you can rest easy your data will be completely safe and available when you need it most! Deleted a file by accident? One quick email or call to us and we can have it back for you in minutes!

We will provide the protection your business needs, customized to your needs and that of your systems. We can set you up with a solution for Disaster Recovery, Backup and Critical Business Data Protection. For most small businesses using an off site backup system is the perfect choice. Our cloud based backup system includes the last 30 days of revisions and unlimited monthly archiving and will support files & folders, SQL Databases, system state and MS Exchange.

All data remains in a security hardened facility in Canada and never leaves the country.

(which may be necessary for compliance)

For the companies that use Virtual Machines in VMware or Hyper-V, we would also incorporate an image based backup using Veeam Backup software and storing these images on a NAS or SAN unit locally. This way you have quick recovery times in event of a major server issue.

No more worrying about data protection in Edmonton, we’ve got you covered! Call us today @ 780-413-9908 for a free backup evaluation!