Hardware Solutions

Your business runs on IT hardware, so it makes sense to invest wisely in business class computer hardware solutions. Everything from the phones to the cables required to connect everything together need to be robust and designed for a heavy use environment.

The challenge is that technology is changing so quickly that hardware that was cutting edge only a few years ago is now considered outdated and slow by today’s standards. Something as simple as managing your hardware and its procurement can quickly turn into a time consuming and expensive proposition. This usually results in poor productivity and lower profit margin.

We can take this burden and turn it around by delivering our expert knowledge and best of breed hardware to your users with minimum down time.

Whether it be a new workstation, server or network switches & routers, we have you covered! And once we have you running like a top we can then continue to support your users and their hardware through one of our Managed Service Plans, this ensures you get maximum value from your infrastructure investment and that you will operate more efficiently and effectively.

Computer Cables Edmonton

Generation Electronics is a major wholesaler for computer cables in Edmonton, Alberta. We offer the best quality Canadian made product at what we believe are the lowest prices in Edmonton, if not all of Alberta.

Our selection of computer cables includes; custom cables, network patch cables, fiber optic cables, video cables, audio, HDMI, USB, and many others.