Tabitha came on board as the Marketing Manager for Generation Technology Solutions in June, 2020. She has brought over a decade of marketing experience, and over 20 years of Administrative experience, Tabitha finds Marketing a positive outlet for creativity and expression. When she is not in the office, you can find Tabitha practicing Reiki Therapy as she is a 2nd Degree Reiki therapist in the Japanese Usui System of Natural Healing, She is also a 5th generation Tarot reader. Tabitha is a lover of warm seasons, riding motorcycles, and spending time with her family and close friends. She also enjoys walking her 110lb purebred blue brindle Cane Corso Arya,  as well as taking her two cats Egypt and Gypsy around the neighbourhood in their stroller. Nothing is too good for her furbabies. Tabitha’s favorite authors are James Patterson, Dean Koontz, and anything metaphysical. Her music preference is soul, hip hop, and usually anything from the 80’s. Born and raised in Surrey, British Columbia, to a Swiss immigrant father and Irish/English mother.She’s lived in Edmonton since 2006 and enjoys discovering the little hidden gems in Alberta like hiking trails, camping spots and traveling to beautiful lakes. Being in touch with nature is a must for this gal. She is true to her zodiac water sign, Cancer. Tabitha is excited to be a part of the Generation team, and looks forward to a bright future with them.

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