Steven joined Generation Technology Solutions in July 2020. Steven has been married to the same lovely lady for 30 years in August 2020, they have three young adult children who are improving the world one day at a time. When Steven isn’t in the office leading our technical team, you can find him engaging in his favorite hobbies such as gardening, genealogy, and electronics (amateur radio, Raspberry Pi, Instructables/Maker). He is originally a small town boy from Ontario and now makes his home in the Edmonton area.

In Steven’s spare time he spends a good amount of his time and effort working with charities such as Sleep in Heavenly Peace, which is on a mission to ensure every child has a bed of their own to sleep in. He is active in his neighbourhood, helping neighbours fix various things. Steven has a generous nature about him and you pick that up within moments of engaging in conversation with him. Steven and his family also have a cat named Abby.

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